How I poured my brain into a thing and made a little study guide!
On decision-making, filtering content, plus thoughts on opportunity costs
"The more I do, the happier and luckier I feel."
On environment hacking, desires & designing a life worth living
If time is the price, then then the "business of making it worth it" is the product.
Excepts from a talk I recently gave entitled, 'The New OFWs: Survival skills, insights + more about what it means to be a UX Designer abroad.'
A crude & casual attempt at dissecting the design of life
Plus a little bit of life update as well, enjoy!
Tactical tips on the art and the practice of problem finding
#39: On Saying Yes and Having MoreListen now (7 min) | What we don't talk about when we talk about low cost and easy choices
[AUDIO BONUS!] Chasing The Flow State Through Writing and MoreListen now (4 min) | My obsession with flow state continues
A retrospective post and a gift worth sharing