What a tab on my brain looks like
How to live by designing a life worth living

January 2023

First impressions on generative AI <> creativity
From one thinking junkie to another, if you are as obsessed with thinking as I am, you will love this

December 2022

Category Design, Lifestyle Design and a melting pot of themes that made my year, ENJOY!!
Ending 2022 with a newsletter appreciation post. Good stuff!

November 2022

Plans for the future of this newsletter and...the future, in general.

October 2022

A candid reflection on this priceless skill plus an update to my new project ('My Mind on UX')

September 2022

How I poured my brain into a thing and made a little study guide!
On decision-making, filtering content, plus thoughts on opportunity costs

August 2022

"The more I do, the happier and luckier I feel."
On environment hacking, desires & designing a life worth living